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lunchandlearn1Ah, the New Year, pristine and boundless.   Like a blanket of fresh snow on a cold winter’s morning it beckons wide eyed opportunity and bold declaration.  With excitement in the air the urge to dart unleashed into the glistening frozen landscape is hard to resist.  If you dress right and have a good attitude a chilly day in the snow is all about fun and good stories.  Unprepared, you’re just left out in the cold.

Why mess up a good year by being left out in the cold.  Make sure you have focus and direction before running out into the snow.  Urban Eats Consulting Group can help you prepare and plan.   Our Lunch n’ Learn sessions are the perfect way for you to gain insight around the development and curation of food offerings for all types of commercial developments.

  • Are you an architectural or urban planning firm that incorporates restaurants and drinking places into your community developments?
  • Are you a commercial developer or residential mixed use developer who needs a food and beverage footprint for your new project?
  • Perhaps you are part of a city economic and development team charged with repurposing an aging downtown district with restaurants and nightlife?

In any or all of these cases creating the right food and beverage concept or mix of concepts is imperative in supporting the vision and brand of a project.  The right restaurant mix can often be the determining factor in the success of a particular development.

Restaurants, pubs, food halls and pop-ups are wonderful components to any project.  They are also extroverted entities with many moving parts.   Every food offering has a personality, a storyline that, greatly impacts the development in which it operates.   Brand, infrastructure and quality of life considerations are inherent with any food offering, large or small.

Many developers, architects and planners are unfamiliar with the nuances of developing food concepts, merchandising the tenant mix, determining sizing and infrastructures or indentifying trends that can benefit a commercial project.

Urban Eats Consulting Group offers a series of Lunch n’ Learn topics perfect for professional organizations that need expertise with implementing food components.  We have 20+ years of experience developing all types of food offerings for clients across the hospitality and commercial development industries.  We can bring that expertise to you…literally, we come to your office.  Our Lunch and Learn sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length and if there is a particular topic that interests your firm we can tailor a presentation to cover those areas.

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