Pimp My Plate

I read recently that an increasing number of customers are cancelling their ESPN subscriptions. With so many new ways to access scores and highlights instantly on smart phones and the internet, [...]


God, Politics and Beer

This is a story about God, politics and beer. This is also an interview, but first a bit of history. Some time ago, around the year 1517, a guy named Martin Luther wasn’t happy with the Roman [...]


Lunch n’ Learn – Food Offerings in Mixed Use and Commercial Developments

  Ah, the New Year, pristine and boundless.   Like a blanket of fresh snow on a cold winter’s morning it beckons wide eyed opportunity and bold declaration.  With excitement in the air the [...]


The Future Of Restaurants Is A Story

Restaurants, they’re everywhere!  There’s one on every corner, in every burgeoning neighborhood, in every trendy development.  There are many, 1 million according to the National Restaurant [...]


Speed, What’s Under Your Brand?

This is a story about coffee shops. Actually, this is a story about speed within coffee shops and its impact on consumer lifestyles, impatience, and tattoos. The total of my day, like all of you, [...]


Snow Jam 2015

The schools are closed, the grocery store shelves pillaged and the downtown connector is traffic free.  Welcome to February in Atlanta! How much snow you ask?  Well…none.  Not even a flake.  You [...]


2014 – A Year of Creative Deconstruction

Ah, the holidays; spend money, spend money and spend more money. Here’s an idea; if we celebrated this festive occasion every four years we would all be in better spirits come December. More time [...]


When Chefs Break Bad

I initially found it ironic that earlier this month Atlanta Chef Giovanni DiPalma had been accused of alleged labor violations by the State of Georgia. After all, in that very same week one of [...]